Unit Survey (Election Integrity Info to Obtain from Registrar)

The Trump Campaign has developed an extensive Security and Vulnerability Assessment with 78 questions for you to review with your General Registrar. We’ve been able to answer most of those questions based on state law and regulations and mandatory guidance from the Department of Elections. There are, however, a few details that vary among the cities and counties. We’ve prepared this shorter survey and information request to gather those details and other key information for the election integrity program. Some information may be available on your city or county website, but you’ll definitely need to reach out to the election office for much of it. You should work with your Republican Electoral Board Member and the General Registrar to collect this information.

Please send the information you collect to Be sure to include the name of your unit in the subject line.

Voting Locations

  1. Are there any precinct changes for this election (e.g., polling places located at senior centers voting elsewhere, precincts being consolidated)? Please list the precincts by number and name and the changes.
  2. Are there any satellite voting locations for this election? If so, please list the address and dates and times of operation for all satellite voting locations.
  3. Are there any drop-off locations in addition to the Registrar’s office and any satellite voting locations? Please list the address of any additional drop-off locations.
  4. How will drop-off locations operate? The Department of Elections has given substantial flexibility to Registrars—they can have a secure container inside an office available during the office’s business hours or an unattended secure container with video surveillance that might be indoors or outdoors. (You may wish to review Official Guidance dated September 4, 2020, on Security standards for drop-off locations)

Officers of Election

  1. Who are the officers of election for this election? You are entitled to a list of officers including the names, the precincts to which they are assigned and the Party they represent.
  2. Do you need additional officers of election?
  3. When will officers of election be trained? Get the dates so that you know when you need to recommend additional officers. Consider attending or sending a unit member to attend. Request a copy of the training materials.

Absentee Voting

  1. When and where will preprocessing of absentee ballots take place and who will do the pre-processing? You’ll want this information so that you can send observers.
  2. How will you implement the new requirement to allow voters to correct mistakes on their absentee ballot envelope? How can I obtain copies of the lists of these voters?
  3. How long do you anticipate taking to process applications (e.g., if you receive in today’s mail, do you send the ballot out in tomorrow’s mail)?

Canvass and Provisional Ballots

  1. When and where are your canvass and provisional ballot hearing scheduled?
  2. Request a copy of the provisional ballot notice that will be given to voters.
  3. Request a copy of the Statement of Results

(Click View page to access a downloadable PDF with these survey questions)



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